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Be rooted in the word.
Sermon Series
Rev Kang Hee Young

To Discern The Times 要分辨时局

The Significance Of The Feast Of Tabernacles 住棚节的意义

The Importance Of Becoming One Body! 成为一体的重要性!

The Failure Of Faith Is Death 信心的失败就是死亡

Spiritual Warfare 属灵争战

Special Sharing On Friday 礼拜五特别分享

Signs And Wonders Is Not Signs And Wonders 神迹奇事不是神迹奇事

Sabah Retreat 沙巴退休会(07)

Sabah Retreat 沙巴退休会(06)

Sabah Retreat 沙巴退休会(05)

Sabah Retreat 沙巴退休会(04)

Sabah Retreat 沙巴退休会(03)

Sabah Retreat 沙巴退休会(02)

Sabah Retreat 沙巴退休会(01)

Resurrection Day Service 复活节崇拜

Philippines Ministry 菲侓宾事工(8)